It is not surprising that atraining in contemporary management science is seen as a real investment for individuals, enterprises and all workers in the public sector and the privatesector, especially the dierent levels of management, and therefore it is necessary to have the elements of investment in it, in terms of achieving eciency and eectiveness in its procedures, and the quality of its executive programs, which guarantees the expected return from training, and consistent with the goals of the agencies responsible for planning and implementing training programs. It is concerned with harmonizing the minimum spending on training and its maximum return.
We summarize that professional training and professionalism are two sides of the same coin in a world that urges steps towards technical excellence and cognitive advancement, a world that believes in professionalism as a basis for work and achievement, and in which quality principles have become an urgent ``necessity`` that is indispensable for the excellence seekers, and we in ``BDI`` focused our eorts by our experts, consultants and alliances with global expertise houses on the quality of training that starts from the quality of the inputs, and the quality of operations, to ensure the achievement of the quality of the outputs.We are pleased to be a leading house of expertise in training, consulting and operating institutions; and we are also targeting distinguished partners with our distinguished programs and the diverse needs that individuals and institutions aspire to.

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